Jason Tarter

Jason Tarter

Herbalist and Lead Software Designer

A 10-month training rotation through the specialties of Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Endocrinology, Oncology and External Medicine. 

The Chinese Medicine Specialty Rotations Program is a deep dive into 5 key specialties: Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Endocrinology, Oncology, and External Medicine.  This 10-month training program combines high quality, on-demand video lectures with 2x/monthly live (online) meetings for case studies and diagnostic refinement. The video lectures are well organized for the busy practitioner (or student) to easily integrate the material at their own pace, while having a great digital reference for the future. The live (online) meetings bring the material to life as we work through real clinical cases in a supportive cohort of practitioners. Over 100 PDA/CEUs (NCCAOM) available!


The program combines high quality video lectures, to be viewed self-paced, with 2x/month synchronous Zoom meetings for case study review and questions. 

Having taught Chinese medicine for many years both in and outside of the CM Colleges, it became clear that what is most needed (and most often requested by students) is a program that addresses three areas:
              1. More clinical training
              2. Deeper knowledge of specialty practice
              3. Perspective that allows for the integration of western medical concepts into a Chinese medical paradigm without diminishing or oversimplifying the depths, complexity, and explanatory power of Chinese medicine

This program was designed to meet these needs. It is a ten-month opportunity for practitioners, newly graduated or established, to find the confidence required to treat difficult and complex cases.  It truly is the program I wish I had taken upon graduating from school. 

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